Sunday, November 09, 2008

Good morning sunshine

photo by Beata
We asked our good friend Beata who lives on the 10th floor in one of blokcs of flats in Sikornik settlement (part of Gliwice) to make some interesting shots.
Here you are - the first of them: misty sunrise. We're looking forward to more such breathtaking views :)


Hilda said...

Pretty! I love the fact that, aside from the apartments in the foreground, there are no buildings peeking through that fog! Lucky girl to have such a fantastic view :)

elsa said...

Bardzo mi sie podobaja farby tego zdjecia! Plus uwielbiam jesien a moim zdaniem to typowe jesienne kolory!
Milego Dnia

Kayani said...

Amazing View. How can't you have a great day; when you have such a beautifl view every morninig. Great Contrast there. Nice shot.


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