Sunday, December 28, 2008

Snow again

fot. Marito
The old wooden church in the middle of the modern housing estate...
The Assumption Cemetery Chapel
(1493), one of the best preserved wooden churches in Upper Silesia.


Sharon said...

What a beautiful old church!

Hilda said...

Very interesting architecture. That roof looks like it's just made for snow!

Beautiful photo composition too.

CeciliaGallerani said...

A wooden church from 1493 -- that is extraordinary. Made for snow, as Hilda said. The spires are especially appealing. You are very lucky to still have this church.

prado said...

Well, to be honest, churches from 15th century aren't so extraordinary in Europe....:)
What is realy unique, it's that this one is made of wood, and somehow managed to avoid fire.

valeria said...

...è troppo bella!!!!


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