Saturday, October 01, 2011

OCTOBER THEME DAY : Mystery Object

photo by Fio
Tajemnicze znalezisko z ulicy Zwycięstwa. Czy ktos wie do czego to służy? :-)
Mystery object found at Zwyciestwa street. Is there anybody who knows what is this??

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Petrea Burchard said...

A lovely photo of a mysterious but very pretty object!

Clueless in Boston said...

It's a bookend holing up the wall.

Julie said...

I think it is what the French refer to as a 'chasse-roues' or a 'bouteroue'. They are on either side of a passageway to ensure that vehicles do not scrape and damage the walls of the building through which they wish to drive.

brattcat said...

a place for small creatures to take shelter from the storm? julie's explanation is probably closer to correct.

joo said...

Nie mam pojęcia, ale fajne:)

Julie said...

an architecturally interest piece of art holding the wall together

Ali - Scituate Daily Photo said...

I think Julie is right. Anyway, it sounds smartest!


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