Tuesday, March 08, 2011

First flowers

photo by Fio
Today we celebrate International Women's Day! And the first spring flowers for... us ;-) All the best, my girls!
Dziś Dzień Kobiet. I pierwsze wiosenne kwiatki... oczywiście dla nas :-) Wszystkiego dobrego dziewczyny!


Naturedigital said...

I m glad to see the first spring flowers.
Here in Athens we are having one of the worst winter experiences today.
Strong winds and snow... brrrrrr


Honest Abe Lincoln said...

We are still waiting on our first flowers to bloom. The daffodils have a week or so to go and they should bloom.

Your photo is promising more flowers are sure to follow. Nice closeup.

brattcat said...

Wonderful things to celebrate!

Gunn said...

Yes, this is a good sign for spring as well as an image that is nice for the special day today.
Thanks for sharing!

joo said...

Wszystkiego dobrego!
I byle do wiosny - takiej prawdziwej:)

PAK said...

Już są? ;) Niesamowite :)


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