Monday, November 15, 2010

Don't smoke!

photo by Fio
Don't smoke, young lady! Today, finally, the plan to make smoking illegal in restaurants, pubs and public places comes into effect.
Taken in Chudów.
Od dzisiaj wchodzi w życie zakaz palenia w restauracjach, pubach, kawiarniach i miejscach publicznych. Nareszcie!
A fotka z Chudowa, jeszcze sprzed 15 listopada :-)


Oakland Daily Photo said...

Congratulations. This ruling is so important for everyone's health. By the way, I completely love the wrought iron sign of St. George and the Dragon.

Gunn said...

I guess it will not be a problem. We have had "no smoking" in restaurants for years. The big problem for some might be that there are so many smokers out near the entrances on the pavements, so passing all the smoke feels not good......
Some pubs/restaurants create really nice, warm and cosy areas under the sky, where the smokers can enjoy social life together with both smokers and non smokers.

Lois said...

It has been that way here for awhile now. I think it is a good idea!

Leif Hagen said...

YES! That's great news!


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