Thursday, November 04, 2010

Berberry in flames

photo by Alicja
View on Bema housing estate through the berberry "in flames". Taken by our new friend Alicja.
Widok na osiedle Bema w Sośnicy poprzez "płonące" listki berberysu. Dziękujemy Alicjo!


Tash said...

Flaming color indeed! Gorgeous photo. Those are nice apartment buildings. I grew up in former Yugoslavia and lived in a 10-story "skyscrapper" and thought it very modern. When we moved to LA in 1970, I thought it was a very backward place because people lived in little bitty houses. :)

crocrodyl said...

Rewelacyjne zdjęcie! Świetne ujęcie! Gratulacje!

Randy said...

What wonderful color and I love the way you photographed them.


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