Monday, February 22, 2010

Country fair

photo by Fio
Last weekend we enjoyed the country fair organizated by one of  Gliwice supermarkets. Every customer had an opportunity to try some fresh and natural food! Help yourself :-)
Jarmark regionalny w jednym z gliwickich supermarketów. Polecam serek z czarnuszką!


PAK said...

Primo, tak eksponować mięsisko w Poście?
Secundo, ech... a ja to musiałem do skansenu po chleb iść (jak chciałem regionalny...).

Bill said...

Ah, look at all these beautiful sausages. I am so envious. Great picture.

Lois said...

It all does look so delicious!

Tash said...

Oh, that looks outstanding! Nothing like polish sausage!

Tash said...

Or as I know it better - 'kobasica'. The bread looks so good too.

Hilda said...

Oh wow, everything looks so good! You can make a sandwich with just these ones already.


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