Thursday, July 30, 2009


photo by Fio
In Poland many people are superstitious about black cats. And you, what superstisions do you believe in?


Vogon Poet said...

A black cat here is like in Poland... but I really like them!

PAK said...

Oczywiście, że czarne koty są magiczne ;) Przynoszą mi szczęście :-P

(No dobrze, raz pamiętam, jechaliśmy z tatą, dzieckiem byłem. Czarny kot przebiegł nam drogę i dokładnie w tym miejscu samochód się popsuł. Dwa dni wakacji (na wczasach byliśmy) zepsute na próbę reanimacji malucha :( )

A kotek śliczny!
Dzisiaj z aparatem przechodziłem przez Gliwice, ale bez objawień się odbyło.

Leif Hagen said...

Black cats and walking under ladders and breaking a mirror > could mean 7 years of bad luck!!

Please look at CDP's newest blog from AFGHANISTAN:

brattcat said...

On the first of each month the first words out of our mouths must be, "rabbit, rabbit" to bring good luck. Funny, eh? Nice shot. I rather like black cats.

RogerB said...

Great photo - I love the independent thinking of a cat. You would never find a dog out on a ledge like this.

Sorry, I'm virtually superstitionless (new word?). I think throwing salt over your shoulder is a waste of perfectly good salt. If the shortest route from point A to point B is under a ladder, why would I go around the ladder? :)

Lois said...

Well I wouldn't let one cross my path, just to be safe!

MaCoBra said...

How cute! I like black cats....

Hmmm on your question, in the street here is a black cat with one eye. I have been wondering if I need to be superstitious about that.

But I do have a question in reverse, tomorrow i will do a posting and ask you: should I be superstitious or think there is a meaning behind the event.

m_m said...

Ja nie wierzę:) Ale wspaniałe zdjęcie, takie tajemnicze!:)

Fio said...

Thank you all for your interesting comments :-)
I see, we have the same superstitions!

"rabbit, rabbit" - I've never heard of it. What a funny way :-))

Welcome :-)

Jadeite said...

I am still superstitious about breaking glass. And I'm really clumsy >_>

Russ said...

Beautiful image.

No superstitions here.

Fabrizio - ikol22 said...

In Italy people are quite superstitious (7 years of bad things if you brake a mirror or if a black cat cross you the street). Of course my wonderful black cat Mao doesn't agree ;-)


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