Friday, April 17, 2009


photo by Marito
Without flowers yet but then - with an interesting shadow.
(Częstochowska street)


Vogon Poet said...

This balcony is a little masterpiece in wrought iron, and I am trying to imagine it adorned with pots of flowers. The odd decoration over, and the bricks of the other façade are a plus in this lovely image.

Steffe said...

A beautiful balcony. In Sweden people are quite fanatical about balconies, we will fill them with flowers and chairs and take any opportunity to sit out there and relax for a while, weather permitting.

Cezar and Léia said...

An interesting architecture!
Lovely balcony!
Have a nice weekend

brattcat said...

This is a great catch, Fio. I love the asymmetry and the multiple textures.

Lois said...

It's very nice! I can imagine myself sitting up there and watching the world go by!

Mystical said...

Great work made with iron and although lacks the colors of some flowers it's still very beautiful.

m_m said...

Piękny balkonik! Taka dziupla która uchroni cię przed i deszczem i przed słońcem:)


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