Friday, December 26, 2008


fot. Marito
Do you remember "top secret operation" on the Marketplace?
Here you are the final showdown - Christmas crib, the most photographed place in Gliwice :)


Tash said...

Well done! I was wondering about it. At midnight mass here, the priest lays the baby Jesus in a cradle by the altar. Thanks for sharing the most photographed place in your city!

humanobserver said...

Beautiful !

Hilda said...

That's wonderful!

mkhansen said...

Oh, I missed this one! It's wonderful -- do they build a new one every year?

prado said...

Yes, every year, the Market Square is not big enough for a Christmas crib and open-air pubs and restaurants. Besides, Christmas crib in summer? Well, not in Poland...;)


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