Thursday, December 04, 2008

Barbórka - Miners' Day

fot. Fio

December 4 th - St. Barbara's Day (Barbórka).
One of the most celebrated days in Upper Silesia, where Gliwice is located.
St. Barbara is a patron of coal miners.
Here you are the miners' brass orchestra before a concert.
Miners are dressed in the special uniforms consisting of black suit and hat with a feather. The color of the feather depends on the rank of the miner. As you see, the red colour is reserved for musicians :)


JM said...

The red feathers make this photo look really cool!

Hilda said...

I love those feathers! What other colors are there? I also like the coats — they're not necessary here I don't ever see any. Was the band any good? ;)

The February 2009 theme poll is up! Please vote if you haven't already :)

Fio said...

Oh, thank You. I'll take a look at propositions :)

So... green feathers-supervision staff member, white-foreman, black - regular miner, red - miners's orchestra member = cool ;D

Sara said...

Thank you Fio for your comment in my blog.Your photo blog is nice and intresting ;)I liked your photos


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